First, tell us about you!

Getting to know our clients is our favorite part of our job. Let’s have a conversation about you and your priorities so that we can fit your health plan to suit your lifestyle.

Services we provide at no cost to you are:

For Individuals:

We provide you with health insurance quotes and find plans that are accepted within your area.

We search for plans your doctor(s) accepts. We know how important it is for you to keep your doctors you have already established a relationship with. It is our priority to make you feel comfortable and confident with the health plan you choose so you are able to continue seeking professional help from those you trust.

We let you know exactly what you will be paying per month. There is no need to worry about surprise fees after you enroll. The price we quote you for is the price you will be paying monthly.

We can quote you for dental and vision plans. If you are interested in finding dental and vision coverage, we can help you with that as well.

If you are looking to receive financial assistance to pay for health insurance (Obamacare), we can also enroll you through Covered California.

If you are interested in travel insurance for an upcoming international trip, if you are a frequent traveler, are a student that will be studying abroad, are a missionary or international volunteer, or have other international health insurance needs, please visit the Geo Blue Travel Insurance page to learn about these types of products that we can assist you with.

For Groups/Businesses:

Transmitting and verifying qualifying events like Adding/Subtracting Employees. This will include COBRA Administration (20 or more employees). COBRA administration benefits are subject to case by case review. We need to better understand how your business operates before offering you a product.

What’s a qualifying event? It’s any life or work change to an employee/owner that requires notification to the insurance company (Anthem, Health Net, etc).  Some examples are: change of employee address, name change, adding dependents due to marriage or birth, etc. This is done through us with the same agent! There is no other outsourced call center. The agent who sold you the policy will be there to help assist you along the way. We can verify these changes through our website, email, or fax. You don’t have to call the insurance carrier for anything!

Employee Concerns: We will verify what is covered under your policy. We do this by providing you with a summary of benefits and explain the terms you might be unsure of. We will also re-order lost ID cards, help to resolve pharmacy issues, claims, and doctor office appointment issues. We can also help change your primary care physician.

Employer Concerns: We help newly eligible employees make informed insurance decisions. We do this by providing new hire packets to the HR Administrator or contact the employee directly. Each business communicates with its employees differently. We want to help and still maintain your work flow so please tell us what works best.

Free Basic HR Consulting with Diversified Resource Group (DRG). They are a strategic partner we collaborate with in order to provide you with more valuable services. You can call, email, or go to “ask a question” on our site to utilize this tool. DRG’s team of experts can help bring clarity to gray areas you are unsure about. They will do the research and make sure you stay within the law and compliance. They also have a database of all HR related forms. Shoot them an email and they’ll send the right form to you.

Finding the plan and sticking to the budget

Budgeting at Renewal: Every year insurance premiums increase.  Together, we can look at other options to ensure your premiums stay within the same budget as the previous year. California Well Being will research all options from different carriers and provide you with other cost effective plans to review. We can examine the options together so you feel confident about the insurance plan you are paying for.

In addition, we have aligned ourselves with great companies that have the same philosophy of providing the best service to clients through specialization in one particular aspect of business. This list of companies keeps each other in constant check and balances. Our reputation is established by the great service we provide you and by the other companies that refer you to us. Take a look at our list of companies that have put their trust in us and have helped our clients immeasurably. CWBIA Partners